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The most natural care for your plants.


In order to make gardening simpler and plants grow better, people use different aids that are often harmful to the environment. You do not need to worry when using Urbanscape products. Urbanscape products from mineral fibres are made from various rock mixtures that are widely available in nature. They are completely safe, as they do not contain any additives, binders or phenol-formaldehyde. The natural material is environmentally and people friendly.









The perfect mixture for the best care of plants.


In addition to love, plants need optimal conditions for lush growth - high quality substrate and seeds, appropriate position and regular care. Urbanscape products help with comprehensive care for your plants. They include elements that are required for high-quality growth of plants, and  their use creates a higher number of inflorescence shoots, stronger sprouts and aboveground parts of plants and a stronger root system.











Less work for you and good news for nature.


Planting is fun, as you know that you will soon enjoy the fruits of your labour. But before you get there, plants need a lot of care and watering, which takes a lot of dedication and time. Urbanscape products improve the air and water regime of the soil and thus increase water retention capacity. Water is trapped between the fibres and plants draw it as required. Urbanscape products reduce the need for watering and spare you from extra work, thus saving your time and valuable water for nature.









Fall in love with gardening all over again.


Use of Urbanscape products is absolutely simple and appropriate both for hobby gardeners and professionals. Simply mix Green Cubes or Green Flocks with the soil and place Green Roll on the surface. With their water retention abilities, Urbanscape products also mean less watering. Fast use and simple maintenance!



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