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Christmas Wheat

Plant Christmas Wheat and reap good luck!


In the past, people planted Christmas Wheat to ensure a good harvest, while today it is mainly planted as a festive decoration. Traditionally, Christmas Wheat is planted on 4 December (the Feast of Saint Barbara), 8 December (Feast of the Immaculate Conception) or on 13 December (St Lucy's Day), so that it germinates in time for Christmas Eve and grows to produce beautiful young wheat. After Christmas, the birds in your garden will be happy to have something to nibble on.
Go green during the holidays!

About Green Cubes


  • Green Cubes are made of natural mineral fibres with no additives or binders.
  • They improve the air and water regime of the soil and thus increase water retention capacity. Water is trapped between the fibres and is gradually released into the ground.
  • By loosening the planting soil and retaining water, Green Cubes create optimal conditions for the growth and development of plants, which thus develop:
    • a stronger and highly branched root system,
    • stronger aboveground parts,
    • a higher number of inflorescence shoots and sprouts.
  • We recommend a mixture of Green Cubes and soil for:
    • growing plants in flowerpots,
    • balcony vegetable gardens,
    • planting pot plants in larger flower boxes,
    • filling planting pits for trees and shrubs,
    • all your gardening endeavours.


Simple to use



Simple Preparation.

Empty the bag of decorative wheat into the provided pot. Pour 200–300 ml of water over the seeds.


Fast Sowing.

Plant the Christmas Wheat seeds, pressing them gently into the earth, then spraying them with water. You should not expose the decorative wheat to direct sunlight.


Easy Care.

Lightly spray the wheat with water every 3 to 4 days. Once it has grown to about 10 cm, you can trim it slightly.


Recommended ratio
For an optimal effect, add Green Cubes to the substrate in a 1:1 ratio

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