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Fight weeds naturally


Regardless of how carefully you take care of your garden, you cannot avoid obstinate weeds. Between the cobblestones, in the cracks of the footpath, along the fence, etc. They appear easily and are difficult to get rid of. Weeding is a time consuming chore, and there is a great likelihood of not uprooting the weeds, this enabling them to start growing again.

There are numerous chemical substances you can use, however the poisonous effect also affects other plants and the soil. If you wish to fight weeds naturally, here are a few tips and tricks..

  • Sprinkle a few handfuls of baking soda in the cracks (use a broom) and wait for it to take effect. The ground will become more alkaline and thus less attractive to unwanted plants.
  • Boil a mixture of one cup of salt and two cups of water and pour it directly on the weeds. We recommend doing this immediately before it rains, as the rain will wash the salt deep into the cracks, all the way to the roots.
  • Spray the weeds with undiluted wine or apple cider vinegar until they dry out. You can easily remove the dried plants.
  • Use a plastic spray bottle to mix 30 ml of vodka, a few drops of liquid dish soap and two cups of water. Apply it on a hot sunny day directly on the weeds. The alcohol breaks down the leaves and the sun will dehydrate them.
  • Pour scorching water over the weeds to scald them. Be careful not to burn yourself. You will need quite a few buckets of scorching water; this is, however, the most environmentally friendly way of fighting weeds.


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