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Green Cubes

The best care for your plants, effortlessly


Green Cubes are a natural and completely simple way to an enviable garden, lush flowerbeds, flowering potted plants and fragrant seasoning herbs in flowerpots in your kitchen with less watering. The equation is simple: Green Cubes + soil + plants + less watering = lush growth. Save time, use less water and provide your plants with the best growth conditions.

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Green Cubes, 2 kg
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About Green Cubes


  • Green Cubes are made of natural mineral fibres with no additives or binders.
  • They improve the air and water regime of the soil and thus increase water retention capacity. Water is trapped between the fibres and is gradually released into the ground.
  • By loosening the planting soil and retaining water, Green Cubes create optimal conditions for the growth and development of plants, which thus develop:
    • a stronger and highly branched root system,
    • stronger aboveground parts,
    • a higher number of inflorescence shoots and sprouts.
  • We recommend a mixture of Green Cubes and soil for:
    • growing plants in flowerpots,
    • balcony vegetable gardens,
    • planting pot plants in larger flower boxes,
    • filling planting pits for trees and shrubs,
    • all your gardening endeavours.


Simple to use



Simple to prepare.

Mix Green Cubes and the substrate in a 1:5 ratio (mix 1/5 part cubes with 4/5 parts soil). Put the mixture in the pot.


Normal care.

Plant the plant in the prepared mixture and water thoroughly. The Cubes should be covered by the soil.


Less watering.

Green Cubes additionally retain water and the plant draws it as required.


Recommended ratio
For an optimal effect, add Green Cubes to the substrate in a 1:5 ratio (mix 1/5 part cubes with 4/5 parts soil).

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