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Green Roll

A lawn that others will envy


Green Roll is the best basis for lawns, such as those you can admire at English football stadiums. The environmentally friendly roll provides ideal conditions for green areas. A professional lawn for amateur gardeners.
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Green Roll for Raised Gardens

About Green Roll


  • Green Roll is made of natural mineral fibres with no additives or binders.
  • It improves the air and water regime of the soil and thus increases water retention capacity. Water is trapped between the fibres and is gradually released into the ground.
  • By loosening the planting soil and retaining water, Green Roll creates optimal conditions for high-quality greening of plants and fast rooting of the grass.
  • Green Roll is appropriate for covering smaller and larger surfaces with vegetation blankets or by sowing grass.


Simple to use



Simple to prepare.

Cover a drainage layer of sand or gravel (approx. 5 cm) with Green Roll and cover it with a layer of soil (10-20 cm).


Normal care.

Cover the soil with a vegetation blanket or sow grass. Water thoroughly.


Less watering.

Water regularly until the grass is rooted, but less than usual. Green Roll additionally retains water for the grass to draw it as required.



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