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Grow Kit My First Garden

Melissa – children can be gardeners, too


Do your children love to create things? Have you  long been searching for a miniature garden plot for your children? With the My First Garden MELISA gift kit you can enable their creativity and encourage their interest in both nature and the raising of plants. Children will plant their own little gardens and nurture the plants, taking responsibility for their plantlets in the embrace of their home environment.


About The Urbanscape "My First Garden! MELISSA" gift set


Urbanscape gift sets are intended for those who appreciate giving something different, and would like to present their friends and loved ones with something original and natural. There’s something there for everyone – a sunflower growing kit for your friend, a pot that will grow basil for the best mom ever, and a spicy chilli for your dearest.

And all this (almost) without any help from the parents. The gift set contains everything they need to grow beautiful little plantlets of balm mint from the seeds included – a plastic cup, a decorative pot, a mixture of Urbanscape green flocks and soil, and melissa seeds. Growing plants will be quick and easy.

Kit size (packaging): 12 × 12 × 12 cm


Gift set includes:

Plastic pot, decorative pot (zinc)

Mixture of soil with green flocks

Seeds (melissa)


Easy to use


Easy to set up

Fill the plastic flower pot with the mixture of Urbanscape flocks and soil (included) and make sure the soil covers the flocks.


Easy care

Plant the seeds uniformly at a depth of 0.5 to 1 cm (depending on the selected set) and moisten the soil. When the seeds sprout, place them in a sunny spot. Plantlets should then be transplanted into larger pots or into the garden (in accordance with the instructions on the packaging).


Less watering

Green flocks retain water, which plants can uptake according to their requirements.



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