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 When gardens get their autumn colours, it is the right time to plant trees and shrubs. Find out how to provide them with optimal conditions for overwintering and growth.

Regardless of how carefully you take care of your garden, you cannot avoid obstinate weeds. Between the cobblestones ...

The secret behind lush green lawns lies in the sowing time. Grass seed is best sown in the autumn, as this prevents the seed from being smothered by ashes and the soil also has the best temperature and humidity.

Cyclamen is one of those amazingly beautiful potted plants that entices us to buy it when we see it in shops. In addition to its beautiful flowers, cyclamen is also known for its air purifying qualities.

At the end of autumn, balcony flowers and potted plants have to be moved to a closed, unheated and airy room where we can care for them as appropriate for the winter.

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