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Urban Gardening

What is the first thing you think of at the mention of a green roof? The elfin dwellings in the Scottish Highlands or the fairytale wooden houses from romantic movies? Or perhaps the typical houses in Sweden or some other Scandinavian country? A green roof can also cover your house; after all, it is the natural roofing chosen by our ancestors and it presents an innovative path into the future.


Green roofs are a sustainable and a comprehensive solution for covering houses in times when we’re searching for a genuine contact with nature and wish to breathe with its lungs. The natural mineral fibers in the base offer good conditions for the growth and development of plants. The Urbanscape substrate provides a high degree of absorption and water retention, which ensures a long-lasting effect of cooling your house. Installation? Modular and simple. What do you think about a green roof over your garage, garden shed or dog house? At least for a start.


We’re all living in houses or blocks of flats, so sometimes green paradise can only be found at the outskirts of the city. But we sure wish we had a little green oasis in our backyard, don’t we? Wooden raised gardens bring gardening into the homes of those who may not even have a garden, but own a balcony, a terrace or an area in front of the block of flats that could fit a small green garden that welcomes you home.


A wooden raised garden is appropriate for every do-it-yourselfer: it’s easy to assemble and at the same time it’s pleasant to look at – plus, the end result is a satisfying blooming, green or perhaps fragrant harvest. The charming wooden structure even warms up your home on a rainy autumn or cold winter day. What can we find in a wooden raised garden? A protective foil, thicker and thinner branches, green roll for raised gardens, mowed lawn or dry straw, compost, substrate and green cubes or green flocks. All that’s left to do is to plant the seeds or plants, water them and watch your urban green miracle come to life.


Raised gardens will make your gardening wish come true. A balcony or terrace can supply you with herbs, vegetables and even fruit. Especially popular are the fragrant herbs that will make your home-made pizza and your refreshing lemonade even more delicious. However, the goal of urban gardening isn’t just the vegetable harvest or a beautiful bouquet on the table; taking care of plants is a great method of relaxation after a hard day and a modern technique of dealing with stress. And don’t forget that soil enhancers, this indispensable part of raised gardens, are also your contribution to a responsible and sustainable water management.


But how can you bring a part of that green paradise into your own kitchen? A green wall places your garden vertically – the base, which is made from wood and plastic, will become your green scenery above the kitchen counter, in your dining room or perhaps on your balcony. It will delight all inhabitants in your home as well as your visitors, since the green wall unquestionably spices up every room. Microgreens should be placed on the window shelf; the growing green plants are an excellent addition to a vitamin sandwich or a spicy salad or can merely be used for decoration. Grow your own vitamins without soil and dirt!

Extra filler - MicroGreens on your windowsill all year round.


Filler offers you a careful and hygenic switch of growimg media in your Decorative Micro Greens set and it offers you to grow your own Micro Greens all year round on your home windowsill.
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Regular Price: €4.95

Special Price: €1.95

Extra filler - MicroGreens on your windowsill all year round.


Filler offers you a careful and hygenic switch of growimg media in your Decorative Micro Greens set and it offers you to grow your own Micro Greens all year round on your home windowsill.
price incl. tax:

Create the ideal conditions for growing vegetables


Grow fresh and healthy vegetables with less effort! The green roll in raised gardens provides optimal conditions for plant growth and development, as it stores moisture and thus requires less watering, and also prevents the leaching of nutrients in the lower layers of the raised garden.

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A modern portable raised garden with a big water tank is designed for growing vegetables, herbs, fruit or flowers. It has an aluminum water tank, which offers the plants about 15-20 liter supply of water, approximately once a week.
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The Urbanscape® Green Roof Conditioner is a high quality, controlled, slowly releasing fertilizer, effective for up to 6 months. The fertilizer improves the rooting of the vegetation, resulting in healthy and strong plants.
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The fast and easy way to your own cultivated garden


Raised gardens are becoming an increasingly popular form of gardening. In the garden, on the terrace or balcony it can be assembled, without tools, in just 15 minutes, and will grow fresh and healthy vegetables.

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You can place plants on your wall, not just pictures.


Urbanscape Green wall offers your vertical and elaborately designed solution for your plants. Plant them in replantable plastic wall, designed with wooden oak frame (coloured in white).
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Regular Price: €119.00

Special Price: €19.97

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