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Mix our products with soil and save time, use less water and provide your plants with the best conditions for good growth. A natural, perfectly simple way to enjoy an enviable garden, lush flowerbeds, flowering potted plants and fragrant, flavourful herbs.

Grow fresh and healthy vegetables or flowers with less effort (in a mineral pad) – in raised gardens, on a wall or a home windowsill – and bring a wealth of vitamins and nutrients, together with a more pleasant living environment into your life to enjoy all year round.

Are you looking for an original birthday gift? Would you like to say thanks to relatives, friends or acquaintances with a gift that's a little different? Not sure what to give to your loved ones for Christmas? Still thinking of what to give that dearest someone in your life?

The new generation of rock mineral wool is made from volcanic rocks with a bio-based formula binder that’s manufactured entirely without formaldehyde. With their extraordinary water absorption capacity, Urbanscape Pro products are a unique solution for professional gardeners, growers and just about everyone.


The products are simple to use

Simple preparation, normal care, less watering.


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Autumn planting of trees and shrubs


When gardens get their autumn colours, it is the right time to plant trees and shrubs. Find out how to provide them with optimal conditions for overwintering and growth.


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