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Soil enhancers

Without water, there is no life. Without water, even the mightiest of roses will perish, the strongest parsley will dry out and the greenest grass will lose its freshness. Droughts are precursors of climate changes, which we shouldn’t take lightly and should adjust before it’s too late. Even if we live next to a river, lake or see, we should always carry with us the concern for our water resources.


We should conserve water where possible; one way of sustainable water management is unquestionably saving water when watering plants. Have you ever thought about how many liters – or hectoliters – of water you use during growing season just for watering your window boxes? And how long it takes to water all the vegetable in the garden or the flowers on your family’s grave, especially during the summer heat when watering is necessary every day? Walking around with watering cans could go on for the entire evening and can be an exhausting and not at all fun way of spending your summer nights.


Did you know that you can increase the ability to retain water in the ground by using environmentally friendly natural mineral fibers by mixing it with substrate? 100% natural green cubes are made from various blends of rocks and are free of additives and binders. Their task is to hold water in a pot or window box – the water is caught between fibers, so the plant can draw water when needed. Due to a more gradual water supply, the plants develop a branched root system, which is more resistant to stressful changes in the environment. A better growth consequently leads to stronger aerial parts of plants and a higher number of flowers and fruits, which of course leads to greater joy over the vivid summer plants. Green cubes and other Urbanscape soil enhancers create the most optimal conditions for the growth and development of plants!


Green cubes are appropriate for growing plants in flower pots or window boxes, for gardening in raised gardens and even for covering planting holes for trees and shrubs. The cubes will also delight everyone with a herb garden on their kitchen shelf that e.g. contains real chili plants or the fragrant lemon balm. And the recipe? Simple: use 1 unit (e.g. fist) of green cubes mixed with 5 units (e.g. fists) of substrate, plant the desired plant, water it and enjoy its growth and progress!


Green flocks present the future of gardening for smaller and larger areas. They are distinguished by the same qualities of water retention as green cubes, but due to their form and packaging they are appropriate for gardeners with larger window boxes, gardens or fields. Their use is simple, while their improvement of aquatic-water regimes of plants brings delightful results: healthy plants and an abundant harvest! Planning your garden is easy with our green flocks. Manually or mechanically place them in the ground in the ratio 1:5 and make sure the flocks are covered with soil. Plant your seeds, water them well and observe what green and tasty miracles mother nature has in store for you. Let gardening become a source of pleasure, not burden!


Keeping a neat, luscious green and silky soft grass can be a real nightmare. Are you also struggling with weeds and do you also feel as if you’re losing the battle? Are you wondering what kind of magic is used by people who take care of the grass at golf courses? The secret of keeping a tidy (smaller or larger) lawn are green rolls, a carefully prepared surface for planting or a grassy rug, and careful watering at the beginning. Even the lower levels of the green roll must be filled with water in order to provide water at the root level. This enables a quick rooting of the green cover and a satisfaction of everyone who will get to walk barefoot on the green velvet.

The best care for your plants, effortlessly


Green Cubes are a natural and completely simple way to an enviable garden, lush flowerbeds, flowering potted plants and fragrant seasoning herbs in flowerpots in your kitchen with less watering. The equation is simple: Green Cubes + soil + plants + less watering = lush growth. Save time, use less water and provide your plants with the best growth conditions.

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The future of gardening for large and small surfaces


Green Flocks are a must in modern gardening and agriculture. They are appropriate for manual or machine mixing in the garden or field soil. Your plants will be grateful for the extra moisture, nature for the reduced water consumption and your family for your extra free time.

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A lawn that others will envy


Green Roll is the best basis for lawns, such as those you can admire at English football stadiums. The environmentally friendly roll provides ideal conditions for green areas. A professional lawn for amateur gardeners.
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The Urbanscape® Green Roof Conditioner is a high quality, controlled, slowly releasing fertilizer, effective for up to 6 months. The fertilizer improves the rooting of the vegetation, resulting in healthy and strong plants.
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