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Getting ready for the blooming season


At the end of autumn, balcony flowers and potted plants have to be moved to a closed, unheated and airy room where we can care for them as appropriate for the winter. In the spring, they again need more intensive care so that they can get ready for the blooming season.

Remove dust from the plants, pluck the damaged and dry leaves and check for any signs of disease. Eventual worn out perennials should be replaced by new ones, and cactuses should first be only lightly watered so that they can adapt to the new situation.

Specific potted plants need additional nutrients. Replace the soil in the pots or refresh it by adding new soil. For optimal care, add Green cubes or Green Flocks, which ensure that the plant gets appropriate moisture. Be careful repotting, as some plants do not adapt to new conditions immediately.

Some potted plants grow sprouts and shoots over the winter. These can be cut back to retain the shape of the plant or you can grow them into new plants with cuttings or divisions. If you wish to refresh your flower boxes or want to bring diversity to the colour scheme, check how different species grow together before buying them. Place the potted plants outside only once temperatures and the weather are stable.


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