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Cyclamen, the autumn beauty

Cyclamen is one of those amazingly beautiful potted plants that entices us to buy it when we see it in shops. In addition to its beautiful flowers, cyclamen is also known for its air purifying qualities. However, it unfortunately often happens that its beauty is short-lived. The flowers wither, the leaves turn yellow and despite efforts, we are unable to revive it. 

Here are some tips that should be considered when buying and caring for cyclamens:

  • Buy a cyclamen that is not yet in full bloom and whose leaves are not yellowish or droopy.
  • In the winter, do not buy it in cold shopping centres where the plants are exposed to cold.
  • Cyclamen thrives in temperatures between 5 ˚C and 15 ˚C, so carefully choose the right spot for it.


  • The soil should be moist at all times, however be careful when watering it, as the fleshy leaves, stems and bulb soon rot if water is poured over them. Ensure sufficient moisture by adding Green Cubes to the soil.
  • In the spring, when flowering finishes, reduce watering. Leave it to rest until midsummer.
  • In the second half of the summer, repot the bulbs using high-quality soil and place the pot in a warm spot, where, provided the conditions are good, it will again start blooming come autumn.


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