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Green wall

You can place plants on your wall, not just pictures.


Urbanscape Green wall offers your vertical and elaborately designed solution for your plants. Plant them in replantable plastic wall, designed with wooden oak frame (coloured in white).
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Green wall, oak

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About Green wall


Plant decorative plants, herbs or leafy greens in a vertical structure, which you can place both in the kitchen, dining room, living room or on the balcony. Urbanscape's built-in rock mineral wool pads enables superior water storage in the back of the wall. Water that is stored in rock mineral wool pads is easily available for plant uptake and improves survivability rate of living wall plants. For even better plant growth we recommend to use Urbanscape green cubes at the same time as well. 


Dimensions of Green wall: 56 x 51 x 10 cm


Each set includes: Replantable wall (made from high quality plastic, with wooden frame), 3 mineral wool pads, 2 screws and inserts for wall fixing, user manual; set does not include plants and Urbanscape green cubes.


Easy to use


Time required: 20 minutes


Difficulty level: low


1. step – Prepare your Green Wall
For easy planting place the Green Wall on the vertical surface.


2. step – Planting Select plants. Remove them from existing pots. Remove gently the substrate which is not overgrown with roots. Place the plants in Green wall planting holes. Backfill the remaining space in Green wall with Urbanscape Green cubes. Start planting from the bottom up.


3. step – Water Water the plants according to the plants needs. Water each hole separately. Make sure not to overwater the plants. Urbanscape Green cubes and Urbanscape rock mineral wool pads will absorb and retain the water and make it easily accessible to the plants.


4. step – Hang it Hang your green wall in a nice sunny place. Mark two points at distance of 320mm where you need the screws. Drill starter holes for each of the screws. Put inserts into the holes and drill the screw halfway into the inserts. Mount the Green wall by hanging it onto the screws.




  • Place the Green wall on sunny position. 
  • Start planting from the bottom to the top.
  • Place water thirsty plants on the bottom of the Green wall.
  • Use a liquid fertilizer to provide extra food for plants. 
  • Replace herbs seasonally after harvested.
  • Recommended to use plants in 8 cm diameter pots.
  • We recommend to replace the growing medium in the back of the Green Wall once a year or when replanting.

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