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September is the best time for lawns


The secret behind lush green lawns lies in the sowing time. Grass seed is best sown in the autumn, as this prevents the seed from being smothered by ashes and the soil also has the best temperature and humidity.

Prepare the soil by removing any rocks and weeds and aerating the soil well. It is good to fertilise the soil before sowing. You can use stable manure or well rotted compost. Level the ground.

Pay special attention to choosing the seeds. Choose a seed mixture that is right for your lawn, depending if it is used as a sports surface or ornamental turf. Position is also important, so choose seeds that grow on sunny or shady surfaces, or you can even combine differently adapted seeds for a single surface.

Even if you wish to merely overseed your lawn, it is best to do so in September or you can do it in early spring. Aerate the soil and remove any weeds before overseeding. Sow the seeds into the bare patches and roll them. Do not forget - new grass needs a lot of water.

Green roll, which you install under the layer of soil, helps with getting the best results when making your surfaces greener. It allows much less watering than usual and ensures faster growth and rooting of your grass.


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