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Urbanscape® Pro Block 75 Ø28

Intermediate: Mineral wool block 75 mm


Made of rock mineral wool, Urbanscape® Pro Block 75 (Ø28 or Ø38 hole) with Ecose® Technology offers the optimum growing conditions for seedlings. These should subsequently be transferred to Urbanscape® Pro Slab 100 or to the larger Urbanscape® Pro Block 150/200.

Why Urbanscape® Pro growing media?

Thanks to their exceptional properties Urbanscape® Pro products with Ecose® Technology ensure the optimum development of the root system and promote quality plant growth through all stages of development:

  • improved absorption of water and dissolved nutrients;
  • optimal water - air regime
  • the possibility to regulate the type and quantity of nutrients, pH and EC values in the growing medium*.

The new generation of rock mineral wool growing media is made from volcanic rock with a bio-based formula binder manufactured without added formaldehyde.

*utrients required for growth should be added separately to the growing medium.

Product dimensions: Cube 75 × 75 × 65 mm with a Ø28 mm hole (hole height 28 mm)

Easy to use / combinations







Odrasla rastlina

Intermediate phase: Can be combined with Urbanscape Pro Plugs Ø28 mm (as starter) and Slab 100 (as final phase)

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