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Urbanscape® Pro Slab 100

Production stage: Mineral wool slab 100 mm


Urbanscape® Pro Slab 100 growing slabs with Ecose® Technology are suitable for a variety of plants (cucumbers, tomatoes, peppers and similar). Growing plants in slabs stimulates the development of the root system and provides for quality crops. Slabs are suitable for both outdoor and indoor hydroponic systems. We recommend they be used with other Urbanscape® Pro products.

Why Urbanscape® Pro growing media?

Thanks to their exceptional properties Urbanscape® Pro products with Ecose® Technology ensure the optimum development of the root system and promote quality plant growth through all stages of development:

  • improved absorption of water and dissolved nutrients;
  • optimal water - air regime
  • the possibility to regulate the type and quantity of nutrients, pH and EC values in the growing medium*.

The new generation of rock mineral wool growing media is made from volcanic rock with a bio-based formula binder manufactured without added formaldehyde.

*utrients required for growth should be added separately to the growing medium.

Product dimension: Slab 1000 x 150 x 75 mm

Easy to use / combinations







Odrasla rastlina

Final phase: It is recommended to be used / combined with Urbanscape Pro Plugs Ø28 / Pro Plugs Ø38 mm (starter) and Block 75 Ø28 / Block 75 Ø38 mm (intermediate phase)

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